Learn The Different Types Of Landscaping And Their Various Characteristics

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, landscaping is the act of changing the features of a specific area of land. This generally includes planting different sorts of flora and fauna, making changes with the terrain shape and elevation of an area, adding a body of water like a pond, and other decorations to beautify the space. In order to become a professional landscaper, one must have both knowledge of horticulture and design.

This kind of art has been around as early as the ancient Mayan time period, where people often manipulated the land around them for practical, as well as beautifying purposes. Presently, this term encompasses everything from the initial conception, planning, and construction of these breathtaking scenery. To learn more about it and the different kinds that exist, below are the various kinds of landscaping Huntsville AL.
Perhaps one of the most interesting categories is called aquascaping, and this entails the craft of decorating the space inside bodies of water. The most commonly known are aquariums, but sometimes its scope can also stretch out to ponds and man made lakes located in gardens. The goal when it comes to aquascaping, is being able to create an aesthetically pleasing underwater scenery, while still being able to meet the technical aspects required in maintaining the life of aquatic plants and animals.
Even though gardens need large amounts of water to sustain, a new kind of garden has risen in popularity due to the fact that it does not need supplementary water from irrigation to thrive. This type of gardening is called xeriscaping, and it is most utilized in places that are prone to drought. The key here is installing plants that do not require much water, such as cacti, milfoils, nepetas, and geraniums.
Another type is called arboriculture, and this type of landscaping focuses mainly on the study and cultivation of all kinds of trees and shrubs. Gardens and open spaces have been created by arborists in collaboration with designers, for the sole purpose of studying how plants grow. These are also created to ascertain the kinds of methods to implement, in order to further cultivate it.
A popular trend in this field nowadays, is called ecoscaping. This type mixes together the different disciplines of architecture, environmental science, and spatial planning. Professionals who practice this, often find any type of empty space that is no longer being used, and transform it into small spaces of greenery. As a result, ecological balance is achieved.
In relation to ecoscaping, there is another genre that focuses on the environment, and that is sustainable landscaping. Perhaps one of the most all encompassing genres of the industry, it focuses mainly on creating sustainable and smart design, without compromising the environment. Due to its large number of practitioners, it has become a movement that is considered the response of humans when faced with environmental issues.
Naturescaping is another genre that has been around for a long time now. What sets it apart from other forms of landscape is the fact that it is designed for another purpose. This purpose is to create a stylish yet practical environment that allows humans, plants, and animals to coexist in one space.

These are just some of the different genres of landscaping. All in all, there are at least 14 types, but these are the most established and well known. No matter what genre and purpose, it is agreed that all of them are important and has its own special uniqueness in their own ways.